Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reese Cup Pie

1 box of Chocolate Grahm Crackers
2 Tbsp of butter
1 (12oz) Bag of Reese Miniatures
1 Cup of Peanut Butter
2 (12oz) Tubs of Cool Whip
1 Pie Pan
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

1. First crush the grahm crackers finely in a bag to make the grahm cracker crust. Usually a third of the crackers in the box.

2. Microwave the butter for about 10-15 seconds until it becomes completely melted.

3. Whisk together the melted butter and the grahm crackers then press the mixture into the pie pan nicely, to make it into a crust! Make sure the crust stays still so you can easily pour and even out the mixture when you are done.

4. Place a cup of peanut butter in the mixing bowl and whisk (or mix) it with two thirds of a tub of Cool Whip. (I know peanut butter is VERY sticky and it's difficult to mix but it will be SO worth it!)
5. Fold in the rest of the Cool Whip! (Taste it here, just so you make sure you like it, and you get a hint of how AMAZING this will be at the end!)

6. Then roughly chop up all the miniature Reese's Cups. I quartered them and reserved about 7-8 for garnish.

7. Carefully fold in the quartered Reese's Cups and then pour the mixture into the crust.

8. Remember the reserved Reese's? Quarter those babies up! and spread them nicely on the top.

9. For a professional look, artistically drizzle some chocolate syrup over the finished pie! (I used fudge my first time in the image below, it didn't turn out so well!)

10. Ready for it? FREEZE! Freeze the pie for about an hour and you should be ready to enjoy!

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